9/11: Minute by Minute

9/11: Minute by Minute

6.5 64 mm
September 11th 2001, the day America was under siege. Thrust into defense against the deadliest disaster ever faced. The four coordinated attacks by nineteen individuals, driven by religious extremism, claimed the lives of thousands that day, exposing flaws in the defence of the mightiest nation on the globe. The chaos in the skies sent radio communications into meltdown. Follow the key aspects of the nation's response as the gravity of the situation unfolds before your very eyes. Through official FAA, Airline, Military and NYC Fire Department recordings, as well as archival footage and reenactments, retrace the critical moments that forced American society to change forever. This documentary will expose the frenzied communication that took place over the airwaves as flight attendants, aviation authorities and the president grappled with a nightmare. Join us as we observe and reflect on the darkest day in American history as we recount those moments minute by minute.
Year: 2021
Genre: Documentary
Director: Piers Garland

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